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Coffee - Chokka Blokka

Coffee, Joe, Cuppa, Java - Whatever you call it, it is a fantastic creation. Sustainability & fair pricing is a massive issue when it comes to these magic beans. That’s why when we decided to make our Chokka Blokka (Mocha Stout) it was very important to us that we used not only high quality coffee, but also that it was ethically sourced. 

Our long time pals Dear Green Coffee had thankfully done most of the hard work, responsibly sourcing & roasting coffees from all around the world, all we had to do was decide on which one(s) to choose. 

After an extensive 'cupping' session and some experiments we settled on a blend of two coffees which we felt complimented the beer best: 

Colombia AMACA - San Joaquin

This coffee is cultivated and processed by an Association of Woman Producers in El Tambo Colombia. Formed in 1999 by 80 woman who were heads of their households, with support from local authorities and 'Social Action' investments have been made over the years to increase production & supply additional equipment to the farms. The association now has 140 active members & a premium is paid to AMACA above and beyond the value of the coffee itself to support, encourage & continue their goals & aspirations. 

Tasting notes: Stewed Fruits, Peach, Honey. 

Ethiopia - Sidamo Chire

The indigenous ‘heirloom’ varietals which grow wild in Ethiopia are well known for being responsible for a very unique flavour. Often with floral, fruity & citrus characteristics & acidity. This particular coffee is grown in the ‘Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples’ region of Ethiopia, due to the high altitudes, fertile soil, plentiful rain & knowledgable producers, Yirgacheffe coffees have earned a fantastic reputation. 

Tasting notes: Rose, Guava, Peach, Hoppy.

Together with the lightly toasted cacao nibs, oats & chocolate malts these coffees add a medley of dark chocolate & freshly roasted coffee to our balanced and easy drinking Chokka Blokka Mocha Stout. Better still we have skipped the addition of any lactose to this beer, leaving it vegan friendly!

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